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LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1


Have LMS 3.0 on Win 2003 and a CallManager 5.1(3) cluster.

Am able to detect the CallManagers as "Media Convergance Servers" - however i can't track the IP PHones as IP Phone. They only show up as End hosts.

Is there support for tracking IP Phones registered to CM 5.1 with LMS 3.0?

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

I'm not sure if CCM 5.1 is supported, it looks like only 5.0 in the latest LMS 3.0 December update:

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

Before a phone can show up as a phone, it first needs to show up as an end host, so half the battle is won. Assuming the CCMs show up green on the Topology Map, the next step is to walk the ccmPhoneTable on the CCMs, and verify that the phones showing up as end hosts in UT are found in that table. If not, then UT will never show the phones properly. If so then you will need to enable "user tracking" debugging under the User Tracking Server debugging options, and run a new acquisition. The resulting ut.log will have more information.

All that said, Dave's response means that we have not officially tested CCM 5.1 with CM 5.0. While the sysObjectID of your CCM is supported, there may be other MIB issues that are preventing us from getting the proper phone information.


Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

Hi Joe

your explanation has helped me a lot to clarify how UT gets its information aboout IP Phones.

I have a slight problem though. The CallManagers deployed are MCS 7845H2. CS cannot discover them. I have tried adding them manually , but CM and RME doesn't know what they are. The only device type selection i could choose that is the closest to it is the 7845H. I aslo tried the 78XX one. I'm using snmpv3 on the CallMAnagers. My next step is to try snmpv2, but its not preffered in this network. Looks like its CallManager 6.1

Any help would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

These CallManagers are not supported yet. There is additional CCM support coming in the July device support update.


Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

Thanks Joe, for the quick response. looking forward to this update.

In a previous post I learnt that with SNMP v3 you need to enable the context. I battled a whole day with this. I'm glad i saw that post - will try it tomorrow and see if i can at last see user macs and IPs.

Below my snmpv3 template. Do you see anything missing? Thanks in advance.

snmp-server group netops v3 auth write cview

snmp-server group helpdesk v3 noauth read hdview

snmp-server view cview mib-2 included

snmp-server view cview cisco included

snmp-server view cview internet included

snmp-server view hdview mib-2 included

snmp-server view hdview internet included

snmp-server view hdview cisco excluded

snmp-server user cw2k netops v3 auth md5 ToD8ndfk

snmp-server user cwhd helpdesk v3

snmp-server ifindex persist

snmp-server trap-timeout 120

snmp-server queue-length 30

snmp-server system-shutdown

snmp-server host version 3 auth cw2k config entity envmon snmp

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

You should stick with the view v1default unless you want to filter out specific MIB branches. Your cview write view should probably be v1default in this case.

As long as the user cw2k is used for LMS management, this config will be fine for a router.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

I want to correct this now. The July IDU 21.0 update was pushed back until October due to the release of LMS 3.1. The October IDU 21.0 release will include support for all currently available MCS devices (all 13). This will also add support for CCM 6 and 7.


Re: LMS 3.0 and CallManager 5.1

oh yes. It's LMS 3.0.1 , CS 3.1.1 and Campus Manager 5.0.3

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