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LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

Not a major issue but one which bugs me all the same, has anyone else experienced this? As you can see from the attached I have several devices and every 4500 chassis fails to show up its power status correctly even though there is no fault.

You can just make out that the "Fan OK" LED is lit but the input 1 & 2 LED's don't show, neither does the "Output Fail" LED when there is a fault.

I know it's only a cosmetic thing but it does have its uses, especially when showing the boss the nice colours!

I'm sure I've got an up to date package unless anyone can advise me otherwise.



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Re: LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

Well, I would not want to rely on those colors to decide is all is OK.

Even though the colors are based on returned snmp values.

If DFM indicates the same status then I will be more willing to believe it could be the real device status




Re: LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

It's more than cosmetic. It could be misleading if one relies on CiscoView without physically visiting the equipment (which is supposed to be one of CiscoView's benefits). It's the same old "instrumentation issue" that's still there today, i.e.: the Cisco BU did not bother populating the power status info in the SNMP MIBs that CM/CiscoView query. It even takes a bit of digging on the IOS CLI.

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Re: LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

I agree, I don't want anybody to think I only use CiscoView to monitor. It was only an open question regarding the power LED's and if there was a problem with the device package.

I always use the syslog and CLI to check devices.

switch#show power

Power Fan Inline

Supply Model No Type Status Sensor Status

------ ---------------- --------- ----------- ------- -------

PS1 PWR-C45-4200ACV AC 4200W good good good

PS1-1 220V good

PS1-2 220V good

PS2 PWR-C45-4200ACV AC 4200W good good good

PS2-1 220V good

PS2-2 220V good

Power supplies needed by system : 1

Power supplies currently available : 2

Power Summary Maximum

(in Watts) Used Available

---------------------- ---- ---------

System Power (12V) 450 1360

Inline Power (-50V) 0 3700

Backplane Power (3.3V) 40 40

---------------------- ---- ---------

Total 490 (not to exceed Total Maximum Available = 4200)




Re: LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

As the aforementioned thread reveals, Cisco NMS devs' position is there's nothing wrong with the device packages per se. It's due to the lack of "instrumention" by the hardware BU to provide info such as power status in the the SNMP MIBs. My take is LMS apps (CiscoView, etc.) should do whatever it takes to provide the correct info, not constraining itself to relying only on SNMP. If the SNMP value is ambiguous or simply not there, why couldn't CiscoView fire off a NetShow job to get it from IOS CLI?

Re: LMS 3.0 CM Topology View

oh, yeah this old discussion ..

ydabear and Richardsma, I think you both have verified that it is an issue with the implementation of the MIB on the device and not with CiscoView, haven't you?

With CiscoView it is the same as with RME (thinking e.g. of serial numbers and sysUptime...) - both apps rely only on SNMP - which I think in general is not a problem. The problem is that it seems that the hardware BUs can decide themself what they implement into the MIB and how they do it instead of the NMS BU saying what must be implemented as a minimum on EVERY hardware for doing proper management. I wonder if this will ever change.... would be a small step for the hardware BU but a great step for all the NMS folks out there .... ;-)

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