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LMS 3.0 could not fetch some Cat-OS modules

Hi everybody,

I have some Cisco Catalyst 5500 switches in our network and they are managed from LMS 3.0.

When it tries to fetch their configs, the next message appears:

Couldnot enter ENABLE Mode from USER Mode on Module 2.

Failed to fetch modules configs using TFTP. Not supported.

Primary Login Succeeded / Primary Enable Succeeded CM0061 PRIMARY RUNNING

Config fetch PARTIALFAILURE for 5500-switch-1, no change in configuration

And always the module that cannot be fetched is the ATM one. We need this module because we want to use it from Topology Services and I think without it, TS doesn't show correctly ATM-VLAN maps.

Does anyone know how can I solve the problem?

Many thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 could not fetch some Cat-OS modules

This error has nothing to do with Topology Services. Being able to successfully fetch the ATM module's config will not change what you see in TS at all.

The error here indicates a problem entering enable mode on the module. The enable password on the LANE module must be the same as that on the Sup. Check that this is the case. You might need to get a sniffer trace of the config archive operation to see what RME is seeing.

Community Member

Re: LMS 3.0 could not fetch some Cat-OS modules

OK, so I have two different problems: on one hand, the password for LANE module, and on the other hand, why the ATM domains don't appear in the TS.

I will post a new message for this last problem!

Thank you very much.

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