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LMS 3.0 - DFM 3.0.2 Cat2950 no Memory monitoring


Have installed LMS 3.0 a few weeks ago. There I have noticed, that my devices are low on memory. Now after my update to the LMS Dec Updates 2007 it seems that the memory is not monitored anymore on the low end switches. For example 2950, 3560, 2960.

Does anybody know if this is a bug or is there a reason why this is not possible anymore.

Installed DFM Version 3.0.2

Example Switch 2950G-48 Object ID .

Thanks for any Feedback.

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Re: LMS 3.0 - DFM 3.0.2 Cat2950 no Memory monitoring

I cannot reproduce. My 2950s still have memory details in DFM 3.0.2. This may be a configuration issue on the device, or a problem with the latest DFM inventory sweep. Check the device config for any SNMP views applied to the community string DFM is using to poll the device. If that checks out, try deleting, then re-adding the device to DFM, and see if the memory objects return.

You may also want to run a sniffer trace filtering on UDP 161 traffic to the device when re-adding it in case re-adding doesn't restore the objects.


Re: LMS 3.0 - DFM 3.0.2 Cat2950 no Memory monitoring

You may wish to check if all your devices are properly rediscovered by DFM.

On 2 out 3 LMS upgrades I noticed that DFM left many (70-90%) of the devices either in learning (still after multiple days) or questioned.

As my experiences with computers dictate that also for computers, repetition is key to learning. So I delete and add those devices a couple of times until they get discovered properly.

If deleting leaves the devices in pending for multiple hours then restarting the ciscoworks is required to fix that.

I haven't noticed that LMS 3 is any less generous with events then previous versions.



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