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LMS 3.0 - HP NNM 7.5


I have a question: I've installed a CISCOWORKS LMS 3.0 on a SUN Solaris 9, with HP NNM and using the LMS integration tool I'm able to acquire the devices from NNM. Then, trying to modify a device name in NNM, I have no sync in LMS. Should LMS notice that change? Is there a way to sync LMS with NNM changes without hand-made scripts?

Thanks a lot.


Re: LMS 3.0 - HP NNM 7.5

No there is no way. Integration between NNM and LMS (or vice versa) is always a one-time procedure and reflects the status at this definite time; i.e. you 'export' the devices which are currently in one of the systems and 'import'them into the database of the other system (and if I remember well, it is always a merge).

You could run the integration after every change you make, but I would not recommend it....

With 'Changeing the name in NNM' I think you mean that you have changed the Display lable which is just a field in the NNM database and LMS will never get any information about changes in NNMs database.

Configure name resolution for your devices (either DNS or hosts file) and you will have a central place to change display lables in both of you mgmt software.

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Re: LMS 3.0 - HP NNM 7.5

so you mean if Ihave a name service, changing a device name in there, the LMS automatically sync its labels?


Re: LMS 3.0 - HP NNM 7.5

Yes, if you have marked CM > Admin > Device Discovery > Discovery Settings => Update DCR Display Name (default is 'not marked') then the label (Display Name) in DCR (and thus all other LMS apps) should change when name resolution for a device changes. Perhaps one exception.... as DFM in the past always behaves other way as the rest of LMS this could still be a problem.

NNMs name resolution was very strange in the past (NNM6.x)and as NNM 7.x still relies on netmon for discovery I think it is still truth. NNM sets the display name of a device acording to the following schema: (if one gives no result it tries the next in the list)

- DNS name of lowest numbered software loopback address

- DNS name of lowest numbered IP

- lowest numbered software loopback IP

- lowest numbered IP

you can exclude IPs from being used for selecting the hostname by adding them tothe file 'excludeip.conf' [in $OV_CONF)- (see the man pages from NNM for detailsas perhaps you have to create the file!)

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Re: LMS 3.0 - HP NNM 7.5

Ok, thank you very much

My problem is I'm not the one who manages NNM. Anyway thank you for your answers


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