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LMS 3.0 installation fault


installing on a Solaris 9, after checking all the packages i need to install, I receive this fault:

INFO: Checking dependencies

/cwtemp/setup/ -classpath: not found

ERROR: no ordered.list file


Finished: Thu Oct 18 16:06:41 MEST 2007


===============- Software Installation Tool Completed -==============


===================- Possible Warnings/Errors Encountered -===================

WARNING: Ensure that you have installed the recommended Solaris 9 cluster patche

s released

WARNING: on Dec/11/06, in this server.

WARNING: If these cluster patches are not installed, please download and install



WARNING: Otherwise, some features of the CiscoWorks applications will not functi

on properly.

ERROR: no ordered.list file


New Member

Re: LMS 3.0 installation fault

In the script I've put these lines:


echo "JRE_EXE: "$JRE_EXE

And re-running the installation this is what I can see:



So it seems no variable has been set

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.0 installation fault


First, I would encourage you to install directly from the CD, but if that's not possible, you must follow the instructions as laid-out in the install guide for copying the contents of the cd to the local disk:

•We recommend that you run the installation from a local CD or a local hard drive to avoid errors that may result from the network being slow or busy.

If you want to install from a local hard drive, you must copy the contents in a CD to a local hard drive. Ensure that you copy the entire contents from the CD to the hard drive.

If you are installing on a Solaris 9 system, you must preserve the timestamp when you copy the contents from the CD to the hard drive.

To preserve all the attributes including timestamp:

a. Change the present working directory to the directory to which the CD is mounted using the command:

cd /cdrom/cdrom0

where cdrom/cdrom0 is the directory to which the CD is mounted.

b. Create a directory where you want to copy the contents of the disk by entering:

mkdir /opt/copydisk

Make sure that this directory has enough space to hold the entire contents of the disk.

c. Enter:

tar cpf - . | (cd /opt/copydisk && tar -xpf -)

This command preserves all attributes including the timestamp.


If these procedures are followed, you should have no problems.



New Member

Re: LMS 3.0 installation fault


But ...I think there's another kind of problem. I've no problem with the file properties. And the installation location is a path on the system (as you can see /cwtemp/setup/). The problem is to have no result printing the environments.

The error "/cwtemp/setup/ -classpath: not found" is because of the env problem. The line in the script was:

$JRE_EXE -classpath .:$JRE_CLASSPATH/rt.jar:DH.jar DependencyHandler /tmp/cscotm

p/setup "$src_depends" /tmp/cscotmp/all

But JRE_EXE and JRE_CLASSPATH are null.

So you have a command line like this:

-classpath .:/rt.jar:DH.jar DependencyHandler /tmp/cscotm

p/setup "$src_depends" /tmp/cscotmp/all

and so the error message.


New Member

Re: LMS 3.0 installation fault


have you solved the problem in the meantime?

And if, what was the solution?


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