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LMS 3.0. - State changes viewable via Topology Services

Under Campus Manager->Visualisation->Topology Services, we have a topology group defined to show a visual representation of our network.  When you chose to view this, it shows all the devices and if a device is down it shows as red.  If the device subsequently comes back up, the topology map still shows the icon as red, it does not change it to green to show it is back up, if you close the view and re-open it, the icon has changed to green to reflect it is up.  If the item subsequently goes down again, the icon remains green, the only way to make it go red is to close the view and once again open it.

Does anyone know how we get the icon colour to change to reflect the state of a device dynamically without having to close and re-open the view?




Re: LMS 3.0. - State changes viewable via Topology Services

The negative aspect:

the topology map was originally designed as a view for documentation purpose and not for monitoring/alarming; I have not tried it but perhaps it will show the current state if you click on refresh but keep in mind, that Campus Manager polls the devices status only every 2 hour (per default) - so you still could have a green icon and a not working device...

the positive aspect:

If you are really on LMS 3.0 you should consider of upgrading to LMS 3.2. With LMS 3.0 you have got a valid license to install on LMS 3.2 which could be downloaded as an evaluation copy from from When installing the eval version you can make a licensed installation with your LMS 3.0 license. Also install all available application updates and patches as well as the device package updates.

DFM is responsible for fault management and one of the new features is that you have little icons on the topology map next to a device if there is an event for this device in DFM (e.g. device is down). This feature can be enabled through the GUI and Campus will poll DFM every 6 mins to get new events.

Also, you can download LMS 3.2 install it on a seperate server, test if you have any benefit and if so install your license and shut down your old LMS server

A last possibility, is to give LMS 4.0 a try and install this version as an eval. It has a completely new interface. If you want to go with LMS 4.0 you have to buy an upgrade license (which is much more cheaper than a regular (new) license):

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Re: LMS 3.0. - State changes viewable via Topology Services

Thanks, we will pursue the 3.2 upgrade and see where it takes us....


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