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LMS 3.0 where to start

i wanna know after installing LMS 3.0 and Dec-2007 Update,complete installation,what is the next step to start configuring the LMS,

I have configured my switches and routers by community string and they are ready to communicate,

Can i know the proper steps for configuring the modules of LMS,and necessary section in modules.

Does LMS discovers automatically the devices as soon as it find's the community string configured in the devices.

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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

Your first stop should be the Getting Started section of the LMS 3.0 install guide:

The biggest difference between LMS 3.0 and LMS 3.0.1 is Device Discovery. Discovery in LMS 3.0 was in Campus Manager. However, in 3.0.1, it's in Common Services.

For Discovery in LMS 3.0.1, it's best to use the LMS 3.1 getting started guide:

You can also consult the context-sensitive online help within LMS for more details.

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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

Hi clarke,

Sorry the product is LMS 3.1

So i dont require dec 2007 update?? correct me if am wrong.Am new to LMS.

Calrke i have seen with 1 of the installation of LMS,LMS was not discovering devices though devices are configured with proper snmp community string,where i have to configure the SNMP string in LMS and want to specify syslog limit.(syslog is same server)

I want to know the main step that how LMS will discover the devices on which basis and what i have to configure on LMS so it discovers the devices.becz am suppose to switchover to other project my junior eng will takeover for the rest other things that can be configured on LMS.


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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

No, you don't need the December updates. That just updated LMS 3.0 to 3.0.1. Just go through the LMS 3.1 gettign started guide step by step to get you acquainted with the applications.

For Discovery, SNMP community strings are configured under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Discovery > Discovery Settings.

The number of days syslog messages are retained in RME's database can be configured under RME > Admin > Syslog > Set Purge Policy.

LMS can discover devices using a variety of protocols (e.g. CDP, ping sweep, routing table, etc.). You should pick as few as possible in order to accomplish the desired network discovery. Most people choose CDP and ping sweep.

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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

Hi clarke,

I have read the getting sarted guide for 3.1,

I have to start from cisco works assistant from server setup.After specifying snmp string in server setup will LMS be able to discover the devices?? or any other place also i have to specify for discovery??? correct me if am wrong.

In previous mail u told me to specify the community string in common services,Is it the community string will reflect in common services after specifying in server setup.

If i do a bulk import through specifying a path to local file in the server,If suppose a new device added later will it be discovered automatically or it has to be added through the bulk import only??

Where i have to move to configure for other protocols as per ur above mail?? Any document or link.

I want to set the size limit for syslog where can i specify that???.Also i have to specify the syslog location in LMS server or by default it stores in CSCOpx folder????

Thanks Clarke for ur response.

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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

I don't know exactly what you did in CiscoWorks Assistant, so I can't say for certain if you configured Discovery correctly or not. However, if you configure Discovery from the link I provided to you previously, then that is sufficient to find your devices.

After devices are discovered, the reachable ones will be added to the Device Credentials Repository using the community string that was used to initially discover them. If you have any default credentials configured, those will be used as well when the device is added to DCR.

If you have Discovery properly configured, new devices should be discovered without needing to import them or add them manually.

All of the discovery protocols and settings are configured under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Discovery > Discovery Settings.

As I said before, the maximum number of days RME will retain syslog messages is configured under RME > Admin > Syslog > Set Purge Policy. By default, the raw syslog message file is found under NMSROOT/log. The file is called syslog.log.

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Re: LMS 3.0 where to start

Hi Clarke,

After installing

Am following below paragraph:

Setting Up a Single CiscoWorks Server:

To deploy a single CiscoWorks Server in your network, you should perform the following tasks using CiscoWorks Assistant Server Setup workflows:

•Manage LMS Server

•Set up Device Management Mode

•Set up Default Credentials

•Add Devices

•Manage Devices in the Applications Installed in the LMS Servers

This is above what am talking about.

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