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LMS 3.1 Apache not starting

On a Windows 2k3 LMS3.1 system master / slave environment Both web portals suddenly where not available anymore since 2 days ago.

In the windows services console all the Ciscoworks services are running except the Apache web service.

I have read some articles and did some traces but at this moment I have no clue what is going wrong.

DFM is running fine on a separate server.

Attached you will find some diagnostics. I think it has something to do with ajp13.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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LMS 3.1 Apache not starting

Start apache manually and see what it says in the eventlog when it terminates. Post result here.

Did you or anyone change the startup of services to automatic? All ciscoworks should be manual except the daemon manager and the syslog tftp and rcp services.

Did you already run a resetcasuser? Looks like some permission errors are happening.



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Re: LMS 3.1 Apache not starting

Apache mostly requires a higher user priveledges to start that other services.

You can try to give admin user right to Apache to start which should fix the issue. You can go to services.msc and properties for Apache and provide local admin rights to start.

Ideally i would recommend to upgrade your Ciscoworks to LMS 3.2.1, which is latest update for LMS 3.1 and free too.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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LMS 3.1 Apache not starting

Found out that CWA webapp is hanging.

When commenting out the cwa context in the tomacat server.xml the apache will start.

Probably ciscoworks assistant has an installation problem.

The services where all configured correctly as indicated by Michel.

I did not run a resetcauser.

I am now trying to fix the slave server. Sympton Looks similar to the master, but no result for now.



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