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LMS 3.1 Log File Usage

jrm.log, dbbackup.log and psu.log exceed their recommended size limit within 48hrs of been cleared. Does this point to a problem or is this normal behaviour?

If this is normal is their anyway to adjust the recommended size limit so they don't show in the "Critical Message Window"??

I've attached a screen shot to show the problem.


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Re: LMS 3.1 Log File Usage

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Re: LMS 3.1 Log File Usage

these settings are made in


the values in this file are in bytes (with 1Kbyte = 1024 bytes);

just change the values and save the file; any logfile using more then 90% of the 'Recommended Size Limit' will be in red letters.

to see the changes, open Common Service > Server > Reports > Log File Status ==> Generate Report

per default it took 5 min to see the update in the portal view ('Log Space Usage').

The values in the file are in Bytes whereas the GUI shows KBytes. With 1KByte being 1024 Byte you get the following calculation:

1024 Byte x Recommended Size Limit (KByte) = Value in logstat.conf (Byte)

e.g what you see:

1024 BYte x 1048576 = 1073741824 Byte

1024 Byte x 1024 = 1048576 Byte

1024 Byte x 102400 = 104857600 Byte

The log files being red exceed the Recommended Size Limt.

The "Recommended Size" Limit is nothing more than a _RECOMMENDATION_ . It is used to calculate which file sizes should be displayed in red. It does NOT restricte the file size in any way!!

To keep control over the filesize of logfiles use You can find more info about how to use in the online help of LMS (or in the forum)

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