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LMS 3.1 snmp broken (snmpwalk ??)

Hi recently installed LMS 3.1 on new hardware.

Commenced installing devices through common services and noticed a batch of devices comes back with "UNKNOWN" in device type. I tried doing snmpwalk via device centre but that also fails. However it does work from an old LMS 2.6 box that we have running else where. Checked all access-lists etc on target device, seems like the LMS 3.1 box doesnt / cant do snmpwalk on the target devices ??

Anyone got any idea what is goin on here ??



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Re: LMS 3.1 snmp broken (snmpwalk ??)

Start sniffer on the server, if possible enable "debug snmp packet" on the device,  run snmpwalk from Device c
enter or from $NMSRoot\objects\jt\bin on the server  and you will see what is going wrong with the communication. If you wish post your captures and I will have a look.

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Re: LMS 3.1 snmp broken (snmpwalk ??)

Hi Svetlana.

Thanks for replying to my poblem.

Heres what I have discovered.

When I add a new device it sometimes (but mostly not at all now) doesnt figure out what kind of device it is and displays it as "unknown". These devices are 3750G stacks. But when i snmpwalk the device from device centre for "sysObjectId" it comes back fine with the device type but still doesnt appear in common services->devices as anything other than "unknown". I have aslo put an access list on the router facing the end device (not the server) to see if it is trying and putting debug snmp packets and i am seeing nothing in the add device phase .. snmp is working from device centre not from common services is the only way i can describe it ??

ever seen this..

I am tempted to just install LMS 3.2 over the top and see what happens ??




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Re: LMS 3.1 snmp broken (snmpwalk ??)

Posted this for reference

I installed ethereal on the LMS and confirmed

1. Snmpwalk (via device centre is working OK ) as I expected.

2. CS is flakey WRT snmpwalking the sysobjectId mib from the device. I am NOT seeing any SNMP activity from the box LMS box when adding devices..

I have now restarted LMS (net stop crmdmgtd // net start crmdmgtd) a number of times and it started working again.. (I had to delete the devices again and re-add them since LMS 3.1 has no means of re-polling the devices once they are added..

Weird.. I expect though that it will break again !

Alan E

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