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New Member

LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Hello best wishes for everyone,

After re-numbering the network, all the network devices are automatically rediscovered with it's new ip address and allready existing name, so far so good.

But ...the old ip addresses of the devices remain in the DCR without a name and remain visible by ip address only, with status unreachable which is logical.

Is there a way in CS to purge / delete / clean up unwanted devices automatically?

Thanks a lot.


Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Not sure it qualifies as fully "automatic", but there's an Exclude button at Common Service - Device and Credentials - Device Management

"You can also remove the list of devices that are excluded earlier using the Exclude operation." -- according to the contexual Help.

It sounds like it could be a one-time manual effort to carefully craft an Exclude list based your old IP ranges (making sure it's mutually exclusive to your new ranges), click the Exclude button once to upload the list, then click Exclude again to actually get rid of the old-IP devices, after which the exclusion should become "automatic" based on the Exclude list. At least that's how it reads to me at first glance:

Excluding Devices

This feature allows you to specify a file that contains the list of devices that should not be added to DCR using Add or Import operations.

During the Add or Import operations, DCR ensures that the device being added or imported is not listed in the Exclude Device List.

You can also remove the list of devices that are excluded earlier using the Exclude operation.

The file containing the list of excluded devices should be in CSV format. See A Sample CSV Exclude File for a sample CSV file used for Exclude operation.

You can exclude devices by specifying any one or more of the following fields in the CSV file:

  • management_ip_address
  • host_name and domain_name
  • device_identity

If you are using a CSV file generated by the DCR Export utility to exclude devices from Add or Import operations, make sure to remove the sections related to AUS Managed, Cluster Managed and CNS Managed devices from the CSV file.

To exclude devices from Add or Import operations:

  1. Go to the CiscoWorks home page and select Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management.
  2. The Device Management page appears.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to this page from the LMS Portal home page if you have installed the LMS Portal application on CiscoWorks Server.

  3. Click Exclude.
  4. The Upload Exclude Devices File dialog box appears.

  5. Enter the file name or click Browse to browse the file system and select the file.
  6. The file that needs to be uploaded must be in CSV format.

  7. Click Apply to upload the file.
  8. The system displays a message that the devices are excluded successfully.

A Sample CSV Exclude File

; This file is generated by DCR Export utility 
Cisco Systems NM Data import, Source=DCR Export; Type=DCRCSV; Version=3.0  
;Start of section 0 - Basic Credentials 
;HEADER: management_ip_address,host_name,domain_name,device_identity 
;End of CSV file 

Copyright © 1998-2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

New Member

Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Thanks for the answer, not exactly what I had in mind, but it can do the trick quickly I suppose for a complete subnet.

It's more difficult if there are some devices left in that old subnet for some reasons, but still possible.

What I'm really looking for is kind of a purging tool which can be configured to remove devices automatically after for example a certain period not reachable or not pingable. After that a list of devices is then generated in what you can select which devices that can be removed.

Maybe a new feature request for LMS 4.0?


Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Now, that reminds me of an old thread regarding almost the exact same "wish":, which might give you some ideas to expand upon. I wonder if the Exclude button is the feature Joe was referring to as "on the roadmap for LMS 3.2". If not (for one, because it's already there in LMS 3.1 as well),  I wonder where the auto-deletion feature actually is.

New Member

Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Exactly, I could also remember this statement:

Employee Joe Marcus Clarke

Currently Being Moderated
1. Jul 30, 2008 8:27 AM in response to: kviola1
Re: Auto-deletion of devices from DCR?

This feature does not exist yet, but is on the roadmap for LMS 3.2.

I guess it's still not implemented yet, maybe in LMS 4.0?

Thanks for the trouble ....

New Member

Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

I think the functionality you're looking for may be present in LMS 3.2 under Common Services > Admin > Device Polling.


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.2 cleaning up / purging old devices

Yep, this is exactly the feature to which I was referring.  In LMS 3.2 you can configure DCR device polling to alert you when devices become unreachable.  From there, you can purge those devices from DCR.