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LMS 3.2 credentials/username question

I recently installed the trial version of LMS 3.2 on a single server (  Now my head is spinning over what credentials i'm using vs authorization to modify a routers config vs device config. etc etc.

I've added a bunch of devices, but I cannot configure any devices via LMS.

I added a user called lmsuser to my routers/swiches.

I added the loggin comment to my routers/switches.

I added read and write community ("readstring" and "writestring" strings to my routers/switches).


1) I currently log into the portal using username: admin.  Is this used anywhere other than getting into the portal?

2) I created a credential set called "firstset" with a user called lmsuser and readstring and writestring community strings.  Do I need to do something to associate "firstset" with each device in the DCR?

3) When configuring RME credentials, do I use the the IP

4) In cisco view I see views of my devices.  When I right click on a switch interface and select "disable" I end up with an error message about not having permission to make the change.  What secret handshake is required to make this happen?

I feel like I'm just not connecting the dots here.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: LMS 3.2 credentials/username question

1. No.  These credentials are only used to access LMS applications (the portal, command line, etc.).  They are not used to communicate with devices.

2. It depends on how you are adding devices to LMS.  Each way (manual add, Discovery, import) allow you to choose a credential set, or use an automatic credential set.  If you choose automatic, then a credential set will be applied to your devices based on the rules you have defined.  Note: credential sets are only automatically applied when a device is added to DCR.  You can choose to manually apply credential sets later, but if you modify a credential set after a device is added to DCR, those changes will not automatically be applied to your existing devices.

3. I don't understand.  This is the IP of the LMS server.  I'm not to sure what "RME credentials" you are referring, but I can't imagine where you would add with any credentials.

4. You need an SNMP read-write credential (e.g. community string) configured for the device in DCR (i.e. under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management).

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Re: LMS 3.2 credentials/username question


Thank you for the great insight.

1. Thanks.  That puts that to bed.

2.  I think I missed something during device discovery.    I now have 77 devices that I'm guessing do not have a credential set... or I modified the default credential set and now my routers lmsuser account don't match what's in the DCR.  I do have a credential set called "myset"... now I need to figure out how to apply that to all my devices in the DCR.

3.  The RME credentials look more like a logon to the RME server...  I'm not looking at my LMS now so I'll get the exact verbiage monday.

4.  I feel as if this is the same issue as #2.  I did put read/write community strings into my routers and into the credential set "myset", but I'm guessing I haven't associated "myset" with the devices in the DCR.

...I'll report back on Monday.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.2 credentials/username question

2. Go to Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management, check the All Devices box, and click Edit Credentials.  On the first screen, you will see your credential sets.  Select the one you created with the correct credentials,then click Finish.  That will associate that set to all your devices.

3. I think you're referring to the Campus Manager interface where you can specify the RME server credentials?  In that case, you should specify the admin credentials as this screen is for configuring LMS server access.

4. See 2.

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Re: LMS 3.2 credentials/username question

2.  That worked.  Thank you.

3. For the RME server credentials I used the credentials I use to login into the LMS Portal since all my LMS software is on the same server.

RME Server Name : lms-portal

RME Server Port : 1741

RME Server Protocol : http

User Name : admin

User Password : ********

Thanks for the help.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.2 credentials/username question

Yep, that should be fine.  Just specify the local server's hostname, the port number you use to access it, and the credentials you use to login.

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