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LMS 3.2 DFM Auto Allocation Issues


I am having a problem with the Auto Allocation in DFM. When I make changes to a device in the DCR (in this particular case, I am editing the User Defined Fields), the device automatically goes from a ''Known' state to a 'Learning' state in DFM. The problem is that it will remain 'learning' for hours, then eventually go into 'Questioned'. At this point, I have to delete it from the questioned state, which it then goes into 'Pending', and then I have to delete it from the pending phase. (A side problem I am having is that it wont remove itself from pending - I have to stop the Daemons, restart them, and then its gone from the DFM) Once it is out of the DFM, I have to manually add it back into the DFM, in which point is goes through in a few minutes with no problems.

Please let me know if there is anything I can provide to help out in this situation.


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Re: LMS 3.2 DFM Auto Allocation Issues

Go to DFM > Device Management > Device Import, and disable auto-allocation.  See if you can reproduce the same behavior after that.

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Re: LMS 3.2 DFM Auto Allocation Issues

Hi jclarke,

I think I may have misworded my initial problem. I do not have DFM set to auto allocate from the DCR, however, it seems that when changes are made in the DCR to a device that is already "Known" in DFM, the DFM automatically puts that device into "Learning". This, it seems, is where the problem lies. That device will never actually go into "Known" status, until I delete them and restart the Daemons.


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