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New Member

lms 3.2 hum question


i am currently working with lms 3.2. I've created alarms with
HUM and it does work well. i poll my devices every 5 min

and i get alerted (with email) if a device goes down (sysdown treshold).

i'd like to be alerted when it goes up after being down.

what is the best way to do this ? i am afraid that creating

an alert (treshold) with sysup value for all my devices will fill up the disk

as it will create violations for each devices...every 5 min

can you help me on this ?

Cisco Employee

Re: lms 3.2 hum question

The alert should no go out multiple times in succession unless there is a state change (i.e. down to up).  So if you create a threshold for up, you should only get it once when the state changes.

New Member

Re: lms 3.2 hum question

i have created a poller with one device as a test... (1min polling interval)

I've created also a treshold with Device Availability = Sysup (1 violation, set to low)

Then i received one e-mail (saying it's up).. it's ok

if i go on the hum home page, treshold information,

# violation in last 1 hour, i see that number growing and growing....

(my device is up each minute....)

i'm afraid to poll 200 devices each 5 minutes 

each time i poll a device (it's up!) it's stored in a an event

my database is gonna grow like crazy ?

thanks helping me

Cisco Employee

Re: lms 3.2 hum question

But you're not receiving an email each polling cycle, correct?

Yes, the "violations" will be tracked in the DB.  Instead of using HUM for this, you can use DFM.  DFM has an Unresponsive event that will fire when a device goes down.  If you create a notification group for this event under DFM > Notification Services > Notification Groups, you can get an email when the device goes down and when it comes back up.  Just create an Event Set that contains the Unresponsive event, then configure a Notification Group for that Event Set selecting Critical and Informational Active and Cleared events.  Finally, setup a Notification Subscription for email.

New Member

Re: lms 3.2 hum question

yes i received only one e-mail, but violationskeep growing.

is it better to monitor device availability with DFM than HUM ?

if it sends an email when it's go up after being down i think

it's better

Cisco Employee

Re: lms 3.2 hum question

Yes, for what you want to do, DFM would be better suited.

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