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LMS 3.2 Page Cannot Be Displayed

So, my LMS is dead. I have been through these discussions hundreds of times and done everything I can find. I have checked logs and find no errors (that I can tell at least). I have checked process startup, registry entries, etc. I'm over it, and I could really use some help.

I get to the logon but every time I get page cannot be displayed. I have spent too much time on it and I am hoping that some advice here could be helpful. I have made no changes to the server or LMS install - it just magically stopped working. I am on Windows Server 2008, LMS 3.2. Thanks for any advice regarding this. The link that comes up is:


Logs are attached.


Re: LMS 3.2 Page Cannot Be Displayed

According to the logs, I see SSL certificate errors where the hostname of the machine does not match. Has the hostname been changed recently? If so, try running "perl" script from CSCOpx/bin directory. If not, disable SSL using "CSCOpx\MDC\Apache>perl -disable" and restart the daemon manager.

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Re: LMS 3.2 Page Cannot Be Displayed

Thanks for the reply!

Weird. When I run the perlscript it says, "SSL is already disabled." All my services were stopped so I gave it a reboot. All services started as expected, but I cannot logon now, as in no logons will work... Frustrating.

Re: LMS 3.2 Page Cannot Be Displayed

Post your install logs here from the main C:\ drive and the logs are named "Ciscoworks_install_date_xxx.log. Also post the syslog.log from CSCOpx/log directory if windows and solaris it's the daemon.log and dmgtd.log from CSCOpx/log directory.

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