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LMS 3.2 - Reboot requires manual start of TomcatMon and Apache


I'm pretty new to LMS and I have taken over a couple of LMS 3.2.0 standalone servers (two different networks). When I reboot them they tend to be slow coming back up (20-30 min). I"m thinking this may be due to the fact that LMS was reinstalled on both of them as I see an old CSCOpx folder (CSCOpx_old) as well as the current one. I assume that someone reinstalled and the registry may be dirty and service dependencies may be jacked up but honestly I don't know how this works for LMS and I haven't found much good info in the user guide for common services for service dependencies or registry keys in general.

Also, one of the servers never comes up fully on reboot or restart of the daemon manager. I troubleshot this and found that Tomcatmonitor and Apache are always down after reboot/restart. Tomcatmonitor says that it was shutdown by the administor in a pdshow and Apache says that it was never started.  I have to go into the server and manually start these processes with a pdexec to get the application up. Does any one have any advice on these issues?


Mark DeLong

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LMS 3.2 - Reboot requires manual start of TomcatMon and Apache

Except that you best go for upgrading to 3.2.1 I canTt tell you much with certainty.

Regarding the slow start, Joe Clarke said a while ago the windows doesn't always wait long enough for LMS to shutdow the db's. I guess this causes slow startup as it ries to fix stuff at boot up. So maybe it is better to do a manual net stop crmdmgtd if you know the box has to reboot.

I would try to get another server and try to rebuild the server most impacted now. (no guarenties)

  • keep the same hostname as the most impacted machine.
  • Install lms 3.2 with minimal config.
  • upgrade to lms 3.2.1.
  • make a backup of the clean system to fall back on.
  • restore a backup of the most impacted machine.

You can change ip address when the lms services are stopped and take on the ip of the prod machine.

If your servers are in a cluster then you need to read up on that before you give the new machine a production address.



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