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LMS 3.2

After importing a .csv device file into common services, the user defined fields are not displaying what I had entered in the .csv file. The other information comes over fine.

Any suggestions?


Dave Lehmann

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Re: LMS 3.2

Hi Dave,

Here is an example of what the CSV file should look like:

How are defining the user_defined fields and what values are you inputing ?


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.2

Post a sample of the file you are uploading.  Have you renamed your user defined fields in DCR?

Community Member

Re: LMS 3.2

Here is .csv file in text form. Yes, user defined fields are renamed in the application.

Re: LMS 3.2

In the sample file you provided, you are missing your commas . The point of a CSV file is to have the fields separated by commas to map the fields with the values.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3.2

You are using the deprecated CSV version 2.0 format.  This format will only work if the user-defined fields have their default names (and only works for the first four user-defined fields.  If you want to be able to import values for renamed user-defined fields (or fields five through ten), you will need to use CSV version 3.0.  Consult the online help for the format (or just export the existing DCR).  Essentially, you will need to add fields in the header for your user-defined fields.  Be sure to use the CURRENT NAMES, and not the default names.

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