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LMS 3 -User Acquisition Tracking


There is a need to identify IP address of the connected host.

With DHCP snooping, it works on Local Switch, with RO and RW community for SNMP

However, it does not work with switches found on remote LANs. The switch has been discovered and collected by the Campus Manager with similar configuration of SNMP and DHCP snooping, however these switches fail to identify.

for this IP identification, What mechanism does the UT use? is it DHCP snooping mib.

However i can find the IP address in the DHCP snooping binding, but seems that UT does not see them.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3 -User Acquisition Tracking

The dynamic User Tracking feature uses DHCP snooping to get the IP address for end hosts. This assumes that a MAC address notification trap was sent for the MAC when the end host connected to the switch.

For acquisitions, UT reads the ARP caches from all Data Collected routers, and attempts to map MAC to IP. Therefore, if you're not using dynamic UT, you need to make sure that a router on the same VLAN as those remote end hosts is properly Data Collected, and that there are no views which would block the ipNetToMediaTable.

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Re: LMS 3 -User Acquisition Tracking


The remote LAN is connected via a VPN,


The firewall is a Cisco PIX 506E, which is data collected with CM.

Can UT collect IP ARP from the Cisco PIX 506E.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 3 -User Acquisition Tracking

As I pointed out in the other thread, no. There is a pseudo-workaround, but it is not perfect.

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