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lms 3 - UT dynamic updates

Hi, I have configured switches to send snmp MAC notifications traps on default port 162 and DFM to forward traps to 1431 port of the CM.

I checked on the packet capture that the server is receiving snmp traps.

It seems that CM UT listener is not receiving the traps.

Is there a way to check traps received by the UT dynamic update trap receiver

Cisco Employee

Re: lms 3 - UT dynamic updates

You can enable debugging for the MAC UHIC process under Campus Manager > Admin > Debugging Options > Dynamic User Tracking. then the macuhic.log will have data showing whether or not a trap is being processed.

Of course, you'll also want to make sure you've configured dynamic UT to listen to traps from DFM under Campus Manager > Admin > User Tracking > Dynamic Updates > Trap Listener Configuration.

Community Member

Re: lms 3 - UT dynamic updates


I checked the log files, no trap messages intercepted.

So, where can i find the traps received by the DFM trap listener to verify that the traps are been received by the DFM in the first place.



Re: lms 3 - UT dynamic updates

I'm not to sure about DFM forwarding your traps.

You may wish to try and use 2 trap destinations on you switches, one for DFM on 162 and the other to 1431.

Alternatively you can use netsnmp as a trap receiver and forward to either other port based on the trap contents.



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Re: lms 3 - UT dynamic updates


I finally configured snmp traps to send mac notification to the trap listener on the CM - UT Dynamic Updates as shown:

mac-address-table notification

mac-address-table notification interval 15 snmp-server enable traps MAC-Notification

snmp-server host HOST version 1 default udp-port 1431



snmp trap mac-notification added

snmp trap mac-notification removed

I have configured ip dhcp snooping.

I have got two switches with similar configuration, both receives the MAC notification and update the End host acquisition.

One switch 1 Cisco Catalyst 2960 and a Cisco Catalyst 2950.

The IP address is retrieved from the Cisco Catalyst 2960 but not for the Cisco Catalyst 2950.

Both uses SNMP version 2c on read only community and both use view v1default as mib view.

Only thing is different is the 2960 has one of its interface configured as dhcp trust.

Apparently, the CM cannot read the DHCP snooping MIB.

Please can you can advise.



Cisco Employee

Re: lms 3 - UT dynamic updates

What version of code are you running on the 2950? I do not believe it supports the DHCP-SNOOPING-MIB.

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