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LMS 3.x on Linux?

The question comes up once again on if LMS would be supported on any flavor of Linux. Looks like the last time this question got asked here was last August by myself. Just wondering if any thing has changed in the last 10 months. Is there any chance any LMS 3.x update will run on Linux?

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Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?

No. There are no plans to port LMS to Linux (or FreeBSD, sadly).


Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?


Would you know what LMS 3.0 license count one'd be entitled to under SMARTNET, when upgrading from LMS 2.6 UR (Unlimited) edition?

This note above says LMS 3.0 is available for ordering today, but it's not showing up in the Ordering Tool when I log in.

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Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?

LMS 3.0 will be orderable starting tomorrow (06/13/2007), but there will be NO UPGRADES. Having an SAS contract for LMS 2.6 doesn't mean anything. Everyone will have to buy a new license for LMS 3.0.


Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?

According to my sales rep, the first order date is today the 13th and the ship date is 27 June.

As stated before, its a major release and not an incremental upgrade so its a new purchase.

Here are the part numbers:

Part # Description List

LMS-3.0-100-K9 LMS for 100 or less Cisco network devices

LMS-3.0-300-K9 LMS for 300 or less Cisco network devices

LMS-3.0-1.5-K9 LMS for 1500 or less Cisco network devices

LMS-3.0-5k-K9 LMS for 5000 or less Cisco network devices

LMS-3.0-10k-K9 LMS for 10000 or less Cisco network devices

Pricing is customer centric, but mine shows that the more devices you licences, the lower the per element cost becomes.

IMHO, if you've got a larger amount of devices, the performance should drive your towards the RISC based option for server choice.

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Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?

So when its not coming to my choice of OS (Linux) would LMS run on Solaris on x86/x64 intel type hardware or is it only SPARC.

My company is opting for a vmware ESX and it would be nice to get in there, so I guess I am stock on the windows flavor.

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Re: LMS 3.x on Linux?

LMS will not be ported to Linux. It also requires Solaris UltraSPARC architecture. LMS 3.0.1 does support VMWare 3.0 ESX, so that is a route you can go, but you will have to use Windows 2003.

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