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LMS 4.0 and Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 SP2

Dear friends,

I'm trying to install a LMS 4.0 in a disaster recovery approach using Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 SP2.  I did all steps presented at Installation Guide, but I'm having an issue with the final part.  This one:


Step 11 Enter the pathname as NMSROOT.

Step 12 Enter the Virtual IP as EventIPAddress.

Step 13 Enter the Certificate Dir as NMSROOT/MDC/Apache/conf/ssl.

Step 14 Link APP_MountV as the parent of APP_RVGPrimary.

Step 15 Link APP_IP as the parent of APP_NIC_PROXY.

Step 16 Link Agent as the parent of APP_MountV.

Step 17 Link Agent as the parent of APP_IP.

Step 18 Right-click on the App_Service_Gp service group and select Online on Primary Server.

I installed the software at F:\CSCOpx (the drive provisioned by the cluster, as specified in the guide).  So, my NMSROOT is "F:\CSCOpx".  The problem is that the LMS agent portion of the cluster configuration does not get up and I got this message (please check attached files as well):

"Path does not exist"

Thank you in advance

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