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LMS 4.0 evaluation

Dear all,

I have just (yesterday) installed LMS 4.0 with an evaluation licence. It more easy to configure so I have quickly added some switchs and routers (24 devices with a backup) but
i have a few problems :

- In some menus (sorry I can't remenber ) , the navigation pane is not displayed so you have to go back using your browser.

- In device center I have some menu on the rigth but clicking on "find last conected switch " makes nothing for network connectivity . For Device diagnostic, I'm able to select a device but when clicking ok the page flashs and comes back blank

- some sub-menus are not working : HTTP error 400 for reports/recently down or reports/summary as example

Installation was ok (and fast  30 minutes ) and all services are runnning as far as I can see.

Any idea?



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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation

First, make sure you are using a supported browser on a supported platform.  While Firefox 3.6 is supported, there are known problems when it is used on platforms like the Mac.  Next, try clearing your browser cache.  Then, if you can reliably reproduce the problem with the missing navigation bits, post the exact steps you perform to encounter this problem.

I don't understand what you're seeing for your second issue.  Post screenshots illustrating what you're doing and the problem you're seeing.

The last problem sounds like an installation issue.  Those reports are working for me.  On what platform did you install LMS?

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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation

first thanks for your answer:

I was not able to find again the faulty menus for point 1(could be an IE problem).

for point 3 I have tried with Firefox and for example:

I have a blank page in firefox

same for :

and in IE I received:

I have also for Monitor/Monitoring:

for point 2 I have no results when I trying device Diagnostic:

when I click on troubelshoot I received:

LMS is runnning on Windows 2008 server. All cisco works services are running - Is there a way to check the tomcat configuration?

Thanks in advance

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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation

What version of Windows 2008?  It looks like you may have installed on Windows 2008 R2, which is not supported and will result in the errors you're seeing.  Windows 2008 R2 support is planned for December of this year.

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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation


It's not R2, it's 2008 server standard. I'm just re-installing everything without antivirus or windows update or windows firewall AND it looks good (installation just finished 5 minutes ago). I will test everything tomorrow and let you know. I will  perform a VM snapshot and granually applied antivirus and windows update to try to understand waht happens last time.



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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation


It's working fine ... it was becasue two .NET patches were not installed. We have a windows update deployement server and the 68 first windows updates have updated also the .NEt and in a second step two more .Net were applied and now it'ok.

I have just configured a switch in identity (and tested a port configuration and it looks ok even if timers cannot be changed..) . This device is not displaye anymore in Radius capable device but is not displyaed in Identity capable (bug or the way I have configured was not correct). Anyway in a few minutes I was able to do much more than with the old 9.x version ....

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Re: LMS 4.0 evaluation

Good to hear.

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