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LMS 4.0 Unable to manage devices

I'm trying to get LMS4.0 trial to see a few of the devices on my network so I can evaluate its worthiness for a fullscale purchase. I made it through some preliminary issues getting the site up etc..which is expected. However, now I am trying to add devices to the management software and I'm getting nowhere. I'm trying to connect to CAT6509's...I'm not sure if that is significant...but I would hope this software can handle a 6500 series device!

The majority of the errors are basically saying that there are no devices configured, or I don't have rights to view devices.

"No devices exist in LMS or inventory is not collected for devices"

"No data is available"

"CDA Job Failed"

I tried manually adding 2 devices:

Config is not collected for 2 devices. Config fetch protocol order:TELNET:TFTP:SSH:RCP:HTTPS

I also tried running a scheduled job to collect info for the whole network and it didn't find anything.

Some of the errors led me to believe it was just a credentials error, so I went through that a few times to verify and the creds are correct. This server is on a subnet that can see everything on our network. I've tried just about everything I can possibly think of and now I'm stuck.

I could really use some assistance here!

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LMS 4.0 Unable to manage devices

Ok, so I think I've made it through part of that hurdle...but now the devices are "unreachable".  I dont know how they can be managed but unreachable. That is confusing. Again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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LMS 4.0 Unable to manage devices

Sure could use some help here folks.

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LMS 4.0 Unable to manage devices

You can delete this post. I'm just going to find something else to use. This product is too big/cumbersome for my needs anyways.

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