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lms 4.0 (windows) backup problem

I tried to start a backup on my windows lms 4.0 machine. I get this error message.

[Fri Oct  1 20:01:20 2010]  ERROR(1297): Fatal error: Database engine 'ipmEng' could not be started on database 'ipm' in Bulk mode..
[Fri Oct  1 20:01:20 2010]  Backup failed: 2010/10/01 20:01:30

Has anyone some ideas.



Re: lms 4.0 (windows) backup problem

How are you running the backup? Create a temp directory first called C:\temp follow steps below.

1. Goto CSCOpx\bin directory.

2. Run the following command "C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\bin\perl.exe C:\temp C:\temp\backup.log 0".

3. Get the backup.log file and post here.

Does IPM work at all in LMS? Goto Reports --> Performance --> IPSLA System Summary --> Daily and do reports exists?

If you don't care for the IPM Jobs and collectors, you reinit the IPM DB using "perl.exe dsn=ipm dmprefix=Ipm" from CSCOpx\bin directory. This will purge all config, devices, and jobs from IPM but can recreated.

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Re: lms 4.0 (windows) backup problem

Here comes the backup.log file. IPM is working and i get reports.

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