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LMS 4.1, Change Audit for CiscoView or Campus.


My customer is using LMS 4.1 CiscoView and Campus GUI to make network administration.

Is there a way to get proper Username in Change Audit report, for config changes made by CV or CM applications?

After modifications in CV or CM (e.g. new VLAN or port assignment ), Change Audit always shows "admin"  as author, regardless of logged in user, who made changes.

I know that both apps use SNMP Write to modify config and both are outside of RME.

But LMS 4.1 help states:

"...The User Name field may not always reflect the user name. The User Name is reflected only when:

   * A config change was performed using LMS.

   * A config change was performed outside of LMS, but the network has username-based AAA security model, wherein authentication is performed by an AAA server, which could be TACACS/RADIUS or local…."

CiscoView and CM are part of LMS, indeed.

Is there any CV or Campus log, that points at proper author of config changes? Simply to keep trace "Who did what"?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Did you ever get and answer

Did you ever get and answer to this?  It appears that it's not possible to obtain any meaningful audit records for CiscoView changes.

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