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LMS 4.1 soft appliance hostname setup

While running the install wizard of soft appliance LMS 4.1 it asks for hostname and also the domain during the install. Is the hostname suppose to be fully qualified domain name exp: or just hostname without fqdn exp: foo? Reason why I ask is when I ran the following command below in the shell it doesn't look like it is setup correctly. Also if I did the install without my hostname in dns first will this mess up my install?



hostname --fqdn == doesn't show the domain

example results

foo and not


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Cisco Employee

LMS 4.1 soft appliance hostname setup

You should specify the hostname without the domain name piece.  The domain name is only used for the /etc/resolv.conf file.  The dnsdomainname is not set in the appliance.  This is not a problem.

Your hostname does not need to be in DNS before installation.  Mine wasn't (it took a while for DNS to update).

Community Member

LMS 4.1 soft appliance hostname setup

Thanks for the reply. I opened up a tac case and there response says it should be the FQDN. In my resolv.conf it looks correct. Should I change the hostname to fqdn? While going through the install I thought it was non fqdn for the hostname since it later asks for the domain name.





nameserver IP

nameserver IP


Tac reply.

1) It is recommended that you should give the fqdn and also there is a facility to change it even after the installation of the software by going into CSCOpx directory.
2) We can also change it (FQDN) by running the perl scripts

Cisco Employee

LMS 4.1 soft appliance hostname setup

I always enter the short hostname.  Adding the FQDN shouldn't break things, but I know that the short hostname will work just fine.  Therefore, you do not need to change the hostname at this point.

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