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LMS 4.2.3 Database Backup Issue

Hi All,


I was unable to take database backup of  the LMS. Its failing with the below error.

Error :Backup Failed: Error(404) Insufficient space on destination

Where on destination drive i have space of 150GB Free space. but still LMS throwing the error.

Backup is failing. Any suggestion how much the size of the database. how can we check?/




Cisco Employee

LMS often requires very high

LMS often requires very high disk space, often twice the space of your LMS Data, as it will send data to a temp space first and than create backup data and remove temp.

Can you please share dbbackup.log from NMSROOT/log for us to see more details what is happening?



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

On what platform is LMS

On what platform is LMS running ? Windows or Linux?
What is the path of your backup directory ? You can see it under 
    Admin > System > Backup

Also please share the dbbackup.log. You can find it here...
for Linux:  
for Windows:
with NMSROOT being your Installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\CSCOpx)

Hi Vinod/Martin,On what

Hi Vinod/Martin,

On what platform is LMS running ? Windows or Linux?

- Running on Windows

LMS installed on D drive and backup directory in E:\LMSBkp

I will share the log file shortly.



Could you please also share

Could you please also share the output of the following 2 commands in a DOS box (with admin privileges)

fsutil volume diskfree d:

fsutil volume diskfree E:

Hi Vinod/Martin,Thanks for

Hi Vinod/Martin,

Thanks for your replies.

Please find the required log files.

Also i observed if the required free space is around 230GB for backup to successfully generated. i suspected the poller data is not cleared and am able to pull past 8 months data from HUM.

how can i purge older poller data, it may reduce database file size??



Hi vinod/martin,Any

Hi vinod/martin,

Any suggestions please..




Hi VInod/Martin,The backup is

Hi VInod/Martin,

The backup is failing

Backup to 'E:/LMSDBBKP_Backups/Today's_new_backup' started at: [Fri Oct 17 18:00:00 2014]

[Fri Oct 17 18:02:10 2014]  ERROR(405): Insufficient disk space on backup destination volume.
Available Space is 188090140Kb and required space for backup is 226175301Kb.
[Fri Oct 17 18:02:10 2014]  Backup failed: 2014/10/17 18:02:20

The DB file size very huge.i wanted to reduce database file size by performance data purge.but now am unable to purge performance data from the purge settings.. its giving an error "Cannot connect to JRM, Check whether JRM is up and running".

i can see the jrm is up and running normally.

is there any way i can purge the performance data from the backend ??





Hi All Anysuggestions??

Hi All 




Cisco Employee

Sometime, it may fail to take

Sometime, it may fail to take backup when the tmp folder has insufficient space.

Please try to change the TMP/TEMP space to E:/ drive which you think has ample space available.

Change environment variables and edit TMP and TEMP space to a common directory under E:/ (like E:/TEMP).



And try to run the backup again and see if it makes a difference.



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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