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LMS 4.2.5 and Software Distribution

I am tasked with upgrading the IOS of over 500 devices and would like to LMS to do this.  I have a test switch that I've tried this on several times and it keeps failing.  Because of the nature of the business, we are only allowed to use secure protocols so I am trying to do this using SCP.   We are not allowed to use TELNET or TFTP at all.  I have successfully been able to import images from switches so I don't understand why it isn't working in reverse.  Here is an example of one of my attempts:




Device Name :  TEST_Switch

Software upgrade result - Failed

Total number of devices  scheduled for upgrade : 1

Number of devices  upgraded : 0

Number of devices failed : 1

Total time taken for Job - 3 Minutes 28 Seconds

Status of Job - FAILED


Starting Job: ID -  2211

Job Started At : Wed Oct 23 09:25:52 MDT  2013

Job running on : CiscoPrimeLMSServer

Upgrade Mode : Parallel

Reboot Mode : Parallel

Protocol Order for Image Transfer : SCP

Protocol Order for Config-operations :  SSH,HTTPS,SCP

Total  number of device(s) to be processed : 1

Processing Device : TEST_Switch

Start Time : Wed Oct 23 09:27:10 MDT 2013

Device is locked for  exclusive access.

The  supported protocols for image transfer are: SCP

Connecting to the device using TELNET...

Couldn't connect using TELNET...

Couldn't connect to the device

Cause: SWIM5001: Cannot connect to the device using TELNET.

Skipping the software  upgrade on this device.

Image Copy Operation  Failed

Device is  unlocked.

Device  Upgrade Result : Failed

End Time:Wed Oct 23  09:27:41 MDT 2013

Job Ended At : Wed Oct  23 09:29:20 MDT 2013

Is it necessary for TELNET to be used?  I thought SSH was an option as well.  I've also attached the log file.  I've replaced real identifying information (server name and IP address for security purposes) Please help! 

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LMS 4.2.5 and Software Distribution

FYI, also seeing this on the test switch:  SSH2 2: alloc 37888 not supported.

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