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New Member

LMS 4.2.5 NetworkTopologyDeviceUpdates(17.0)

My LMS 4.2.5 installation was not collecting user tracking info from my 3850's so I went looking for device updates.  The GUI told me there were no updates available, but when I looked on CCO I found NetworkTopologyDeviceUpdates(17.0), and I had v2.0 installed.  So I downloaded it and installed it using the CLI utility.  Now I am wondering if I did the right thing.  


There are 4 downloadable versions of this package and the version numbers and descriptions are a bit confusing.  The latest version has a description of NetworkTopologyDeviceUpdates 17.0 Device Package over LMS4.2.3  but nothing beyond version 4.2.3 is mentioned.  And since it was released just a couple of weeks ago I assume it applies to 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 also.  Is this a correct assumption?

Topology_421(1.0)  29-JUN-2012

Topology_422(2.0)  08_MAR-2013

Topology_42(3.0)    19-JUN-2012

Topology_423(17.0)  04-JUN-2014



Cisco Employee

Hi Jeff,Are you able to see

Hi Jeff,

Are you able to see that device here ::

Inventory > User Tracking Settings > Acquisition Actions

if not then try to delete and re-add the device.


Are you using SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 on this device ?

If you are using SNMPv3 then you need to associated the SNMPv3 group with the vlan(all vlans) context

for e.g::

snmp-server group <group name> v3 auth context vlan-1


Hope it will help




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New Member

Hi AfrozI have two sets of

Hi Afroz

I have two sets of 3850's in the production environment right now - a stack of 2 x WS-C3850-24P running XE 3.3.3SE (stack 1) and a stack of 2 x WS-C3850-48T running XE 3.2.3.SE (stack 2).  I was able to delete stack 1 from topology view, rediscover, and run UT acquisition and all was fine.  I tried the same with stack 2 and still came up with nothing.  So I deleted stack 2 from inventory altogether, re-added, and still nothing.  One thing that I have noticed is that after I add stack 2 LMS seems to know what it is even before inventory or discovery or anything else is run.  Before credential verification completes.  So I suspect that it is not getting completely deleted.  Is there some way to clear it out completely?  I also notice that toplogy view comes up with different icons for the 2 stacks so they must be detected differently somehow.  I am not sure what the icons signify but this is what LMS displays.




Cisco Employee

Hi Jeff, Ideally deleting the

Hi Jeff,


Ideally deleting the device ,should clear all the database entries. try to delete the device and restart the daemon manager before adding the device back.

check the snmpwalk output on both the devices for this  OID "" and compare the output are they same .




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New Member

Hi Afroz,Deleted the 3850

Hi Afroz,

Deleted the 3850 stack and restarted daemon manager, same issue.  The SNMPwalks are not the same because they are actually different switch models - so one is CISCO-SMI::ciscoProducts.1642 and the other -s CISCO-SMI::ciscoProducts.1643.  When I trigger user tracking for the stack that doesn't work it completes immediately.  


Anything else I can check?



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