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LMS 4.2 and UTU 2.0 on Windows7 and self signed certificate

We have used UTU 2.0 for some time on our Windows 7 clients fine but since a couple of weeks it suddenly stops working.

We get the following error when looking up a PC for example. (see attached file )

I have also included the settings on the client.

I have done some troubleshooting already and it looks like it is related to the certificate viewer window.

On a PC where UTU was never installed it shows the certificate viewer window of the self signed certificate of the LMS server.

This window is not shown on a PC where UTU already was working before and not isn't.

I have tried the following so far:

- de-install of UTU

- add the self-signed certificate to the certificate store manually

- clean LMS server settings in the registry after de-install

- enabled Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1

Does anyone know this problem?

Does anyone know what the best way is to troubleshoot this issue further?

(I do not want to completely re-install my whole windows 7 installations just because 1 client application is not working as expected.)


Cisco Employee

Unfortunately UTU 2.0 is not

Unfortunately UTU 2.0 is not supported on Windows 7 Clients. It is only supported till Windows Vista and hence you have to use anything below win7.

For more details, check the Systems Requirements for UTU 2.0.

You can use the reports from the normal web interface under :

Reports > Inventory > User Tracking > Quick Report or All end host entries



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Community Member

Any idea when it will be

Any idea when it will be supported? 

In my opinion windows7 is a current OS than Vista or even Windows XP.


Are there any ongoing developments on this product?


Cisco Employee

Unfortunately our beloved LMS

Unfortunately our beloved LMS has a dark future. It is going to be phased out to give Cisco Prime Infrastructure its space.

So further development of this product have been limited and only bug fixes and important device updates are under the plan.

I think, Cisco PI also doesn't have anything like UTU for now.



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