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LMS 4.2 - CPU Utilization Reports

We have CPU reports set to run daily for some of our higher priority switches, and we've noticed that some of the data isn't meshing with what we see on the switch. We have one heavily utilized switch that reports near 100% CPU utilization sometimes. I can do a "show proc cpu history" on that switch and see that at least once an hour over 72 hours, we'll see a near 100% CPU utilization.

The problem is that these spikes never appeare on any of our reports. We'd like to see this info because even if the switch spikes for just a few seconds or a minute, it could still indicate that we may have issues. Without that in the report, we may never realize there could be a problem.

Is there a way for this info to show in the report? I'm under the impression that if LMS polls the switch and doesn't see a high utilization average, then maybe it doesnt' enter that in the report. I guess I'd just like to know how often it pulls this data, and how it decides wath the Min, Max, and Averages are.

Thanks for any help!


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LMS 4.2 - CPU Utilization Reports

Same here, bump!

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