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LMS & ACS Server Requirements (Win2k3)


I've got an interesting customer that wants to seperate the application software & application data for both these products on different drives. It's a new install - so nothing is currently in place. They have about 300-400 network devices, so not too big of an infrastructure.

1. Can this be done?

2. Any recommendations on sizing? ACS recommends 250meg min and LMS 80 gig min. I'm not worried about ACS, as the software and data there is minimal. Does anyone have LMS installed with about 500 devices - and what kind of disk usage does that require?

3. Does ACS 4.1 support 64-bit? I doubt it, but thought I would ask.


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Re: LMS & ACS Server Requirements (Win2k3)

1. I have seen customers install both on the same server, but I wouldn't recommend it due to issues like process and port contention.

2. Go with the minimum reqs that the release notes specify. If you don't meet the minimum reqs you may not get TAC support.

Sizing is impacted by other options other than total number of devices including items such as syslog messages, configs, etc..

3. ACS not supported on 64 bit yet

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Re: LMS & ACS Server Requirements (Win2k3)

I definately won't be installing them both on the same server.

Can I specify where the application data goes? Hence, can I have all the application data (syslog, etc.) on a D: drive, while my application software is on the C: drive?