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LMS and ASA5585x

Hi, wondering if anyone is able to use LMS 4.1 with an ASA5585x?

The ASA5585x is not on the list of supported devices for LMS4.1, I would like to be able to back up the configuration and to monitor basic status such as device up/down.

I have manually added an active/passive pair into LMS and seem to be able to access the devices via snmp and ssh but cannot get the configs.

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LMS and ASA5585x

You won't be able to until Cisco updates LMS to add the 5585X. LMS bases a device's manageability primarily on the device's SNMP OID. If the OID doesn't match the list it checks, it won't manage the device.

There's no public announcement of future support but this particular device has been inquired about before and is overdue for support by LMS, for what it's worth.

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LMS and ASA5585x

After contacting TAC I was informed that the 5585x now has basic support in LMS 4.1.

"Currently the device is only supported on Inventory Config and Image Management and Faultmanagement."

After updating I can now archive configs!

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LMS and ASA5585x

Thanks for the update. I was remembering having checked this just last month under a separate thread. Now I know better.

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