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LMS and device IP change


I have a very general question about LMS. If my devices are added with IP address and I change a IP address of a device, what effects would be there in CiscoWorks. Does the Ciscoworks automatically detects the change and apply it to the device or after a rediscovery it will try to add the same device and take it as a duplicate device due to same inventory information?

Do I have to delete and re-add the device with correct IP address?



Re: LMS and device IP change

Have you already changed the IP addresses on the devices? In that case it will be aproblem if you did not change the ip in DCR as well.

If the old IP is in DCR, then LMS will no longer be able to manage that device until you update the ip address in DCR.

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Re: LMS and device IP change

Hi Lucien,

Thanks for the information. I have not done the IP change in my LAB yet, but was just curious for the impact associated to these changes and if LMS is able to find get itself notified.

There should be added capability to CiscoWorks to handle such issues.

Is Ciscoworks able to handle DHCP networks.

Re: LMS and device IP change

You can have DCR to use:

Preferred Management IP:Resolve by Name, which should be on by default I believe. This will display you the device in LMS with the name instead of the IP.

As far as handling DHCP networks, I don't believe it's supported.

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Re: LMS and device IP change


But that would have device to be appeared with their hostname but there would still be an impact on the proper managed state of device.

Like what about DFM which basicaly manages device with IPs mostly.

Re: LMS and device IP change

DCR is using IP address. Hostname is just for the display.

DFM uses the devices from DCR, so it's IP address.

I don't see how it make sense to have a complete DHCP network, usually you dont want your router and switches to change their ip address on the fly, those should be static.

If you change the IP of the device, then as I said you need to update this in DCR.

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