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LMS - Apply command on multiple interfaces


I would like to apply a command on all FastEthernet interfaces (and only FastEthernet) of our switches.

For that, I configure a baseline template, indicating in submode: FastEthernet[#.*#].

My problem is when I want to deploy this template, system asks for a value for the ".*" (FastEthernet.*[0]): where what I want is to deploy automatically  on all FastEthernet interfaces, without to specify anything. Is it impossible with LMS, or is it a bad use from me?

Thaks by advance



LMS - Apply command on multiple interfaces

I am not sure where you are trying to do the steps you discribe, but I assume it is the compliance manager (or compliance workflow).

But I would use a NetConfig Job for this and first I would create a Port Group which includes all the ports I want to apply the config to. Currently I have no system to verify but the Port Group Option should be under Admin > System > Group..

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LMS - Apply command on multiple interfaces

I indeed use ConfigMdmt > Compliance Mgmt.

Actually, my exact need is to check current config compliance with some new rules and remove/add command following some criterions (such as: ethernet interface L2 or L3, etc..)

Compliance Mgmt seemed me to be the right service to check config compliance and apply changes if necessary, according to all the options available on this tool.

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