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LMS - Campus Manager LAN maps

Is there any way of copying the layout of a LAN map which I have tinkered in topology services to a different users profile in CiscoWorks?


Re: LMS - Campus Manager LAN maps

Here are the steps to do so

1. On one user, let's say admin, make changes on the map then save it. Please do this on all of the maps where you would like the layout to be standard (l3 view, lan edge view, l2 view, etc)

2. Save the layout then logout on CiscoWorks

3. Please then go to


4. On this directory you will see the usernames. Please copy all of the xml files on the admin directory.

5. Copy the files to each of the other users that you would like to have the same layout. If there are any existing xml files, please either delete it or move it somewhere else. This is to ensure that the old layouts would not conflict with the new layouts we are


6. If the directory for a user is missing, please login into Topology services as that user then save a layout. The directory will then be created. Afterwards, you can copy the new files over minding that the old files need to be moved or deleted as in step 5.

Please note that any changes by each user will not affect the other layouts. So if you would like to have a new layout, please do the steps all over again.

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