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LMS Compliance Template - multiple pre-requisites?

I'm creating a template to check if OSPFv3 is authenticated. So my thinking is, not to check the interfaces for authentication if both these conditions are not met.

1) The router has ospfv3 running?

+ ipv6 router ospf [#.*#]

2) If it exists, check the interface for ospfv3 configuration

+ ipv6 ospf [#.*#] area [#.*#]

3) Then finally if both previous conditions are true check

+ [#ipv6 ospf authentication .*#]

So my problem ends up when I try to set #2 as a prerequisite for #3. If #1 is already a prereq for #2 I check the box to "Mark as Prerequisite" and it grey's out the former option.

Is this an available option or is there a better way to go about this? It seems the same amount of processing since it will need to walk all the interfaces, but there could be interfaces that match the #2 condition and not #3.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS Compliance Template - multiple pre-requisites?

You will need to create parent/child relationships here. That is, 2 should be a child of 1, and 3 should be a child of 2. Children inherit the submode of their parents. Both 1 and 2 must be prereqs.

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