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LMS config archive, fail to telnet with Nexus 7000


I config LMS to manage many network devices with the same credential. However, only the Nexus 7000 fail to be archive configuration. LMS log said during telnet, the authentication fail 3 times. (I didn't use any authen server. The username and password are local. and in DCR page, i only configure "

Primary Credential"l, nothing in "Auto Update Credential")

Then i do a CAD check and fail also. I open the RME/CAD log, comparing with those successful log, there is one line different:

[ Mon Mar 05  16:04:27 SGT 2012 ],WARN ,[main],,getCdaHandlerIf,163,CdaAG is not implemented for the device145.240.152.1

What does it mean "CdaAG is not implemented for the device??? Or what should i do?

Thank you for your help in advance!!!!

Best Regards

Lian Qi

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Re: LMS config archive, fail to telnet with Nexus 7000

Cda seems to stand for "Check Device Attribute".

Do you have other Nexus (5k, 2k) that are not failing?

Two possibilities I could think of are: Either 1) Your Nexus 7k's are using a custom device prompt, in which case that could be worked around by entering your 7k prompt in /opt/CSCOpx/objects/cmf/data/TacacsPrompts.ini, or 2) The RME device support pkg for Nexus 7k on your LMS is not present or not up-to-date. Then you need to install the latest Nexus 7k device pkgs from within Software Update or dl/install manually from the CLI.

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