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LMS Configuration Archival Summary

Hello! Is there a way to place devices that have failed to collect the configuration. I know why they have failed, i just want to "place these devices on hold"(FAILED)for a while until we have upgraded them, and without deleting them?



Cisco Employee

Re: LMS Configuration Archival Summary

Sure. Go to RME > Devices > Device Management > Normal Devices, and suspend the devices you do not wish to manage right now.

If you want to be able to quickly group devices that have not had their configs fetched, and you're running RME 4.1 or higher, click on the failed device count from RME > Config Mgmt > Archive Mgmt, then click the Export to device list button at the top of the report. You can then select the entire "saved device list" group from the device selector when suspending your devices.

Community Member

Re: LMS Configuration Archival Summary

Ok, Thank you! That was easier then i thought.

But will they disappear from "Failed" devices? Do i need to take the next step for that?


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS Configuration Archival Summary

They will not disappear from failed devices. The only way to do that is to have RME successfully fetch all supported configurations for the devices.

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