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LMS Current Release Question

  I been away from LMS since release 3.2.   Am now interested in what has changed since then.

   1) Is LMS now available for Redhat Linux ? 

   2) Is HUM included with an unlimited license for LMS or is HUM still a seperate add-on ?

   3) Is Cisco Prime just LMS repackaged as an applicance ?


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LMS Current Release Question

1. Among the distributions available is a soft appliance which can be loaded onto a VMware ESXi server and runs as a Linux guest OS. It includes the underlying hardened Linux, a variant of the RHEL distro, I believe.

2. The product formerly known as HUM has been incorporated into the Performance aspect of the LMS server.

3. Cisco Prime is the umbrella term for several products. Cisco Prime Infrastructure is the only ordering mechanism for new purchases and includes Prime LMS (4.2) and NCS (1.1). It is available as an installable application server (for Windows or Solaris), a soft appliance (as I mentioned above), or as a hardware appliance with the product pre-installed.

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LMS Current Release Question

So LMS  (excluding the applicance package) still is only available for Windows and Solaris.   I was hoping Linux platform support was now available.  Thx

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LMS Current Release Question

Well the soft appliance has Linux baked in but it requires a WMware server hypervisor. You can run it as a bare metal hypervisor with ESXi server 4.1 or 5.0. That's as close as you get.

If you have a Linux server that you want to run Cisco Prime LMS over top of, that's not an option.

Here's a link with the detailed requirements.

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