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LMS Discovery always displays info about old discovery job


Device discovery on the LMS 4.2.3 on the soft-appliance doesn't work yet.
Task: not to add hosts manually or via bulk export, but discover hosts with ping and then add to the LMS.

I started Custom Discovery.
Just ping scan for a /27 subnet, no SNMP/CDP, etc.
But after finishing discovery the Summary page displays information about old Discovery job that had been started on February 2013.
IP addresse marked as Discovered and Unreachable  is out of ping range, i.e. - configured range:, but summary page displays IP

Also  I tried Standard Discovery/Custom Discovery with another  parameters,  in all cases I have got only one Summary with information about the discovery dated on February 2013.
What's going on with Discovery?
Why I'm receiving summary about old Discovery?

How can I configure custom discovery or  LMS to get Custom Discovery working in a proper way?

I attached  xml configs  for Custom Discovery and CSDiscovery.log (Debug enabled for modules: PingSweepModule, Discovery Util, Discovery FrameWork, DataCollector, CSDiscovery Adapter) file ngdiscovery.log was empty.

In the file CSDiscovery.log I can find only 2 error alike messages
1)java class exception on unsuccessfull creation of a lock file -  Exception in Creating the Lock File: java classes and 2) information from pdshow that process CSDiscovery has state         State  = Never started


Cisco Employee

Hi ,CSDiscovery    should be

Hi ,

CSDiscovery    should be in Transient Terminated state.

Try to restart the process :  pdterm CSDiscovery   and pdexec CSDiscovery   and see if disovery make any differnece.




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