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LMS generated traffic (ports and protocols)


As we were adding devices into LMS, we discovered a problem if a device sits behind two firewalls. The LMS creates a session with random high UDP destination port. The strange thing is it creates this session only once and it seems it is the last session (which I suppose is to copy vlan.dat). From the log we could see several sessions and particularly 2 had high ammount of data so those were the running and startup configs we presume. And before the third session started LMS tried to contact the switch with a high UDP port as a destination.

Please keep in mind I am just assuming what is happening between LMS and the device based on the firewall logs.

I would like to know why LMS uses high UDP port as a destination and how we can update our ACLs accordingly so we don't have to open all ports from LMS server to the device.

If a device sits behind only one firewall there is no traffic from LMS trying to reach high UDP port. Only the source ports are high but destination is SNMP, TELNET etc. The usual ones.

Even if this is just the way LMS works could someone let me know and also explain it a bit please?

Many thanks for your help,


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