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LMS information


I am using LMS 2.6 on windows and I need the information on the follwing ..

1.Can a device send the crashinfo to the LMS server.

2.I can retrive the ios of the PIX with 7.22 to the repository but i am not able to retrive the ios of the pix running 6.35,Is there any limitation.

3. Can we generate the email alert for the running services of the LMS.My client need the daily report of the running services.

4.Can we generate one consolidated report from the LMS.I mean client needs only one report which contans information about CPU utilisation, interface errors,configuration change,Reboot etc etc of the specific devices..

Please suggest.


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS information

1. You can configure devices to dump crashinfo files to the CiscoWorks server, but this would require some manual configuration on both the device and the server.

2. Pix OS software can be added to the repository from and the local file system. There is no version limitation. What errors were you seeing?

3. You would have to write a script that wraps the output of the pdshow command, then sends that in an email.

4. There is no way to generate a consolidated report that covers all applications in LMS.

Community Member

Re: LMS information

you have resolved most of my issues ..

Please let me know what is the manual configuration to be done on the device and the server for the crashinfo..

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS information

You need to configure the device to dump crashinfo files to a known location. For example:

exception crashinfo file disk1:/crashinfo

Then you can script the cwcli command to create a crashinfo file in the tftpboot directory of the CiscoWorks server, then copy this file from the device to the server. You will first need to create a Netconfig template in RME with contents like the following:

copy disk1:/crashinfo tftp://

Assuming this template is called Crashinfo, you can perform the following after creating a crashinfo file in the server's tftpboot directory:

cwcli netconfig createjob -u admin -p admin -device -taskname Crashinfo -description "Crashinfo job"

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