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LMS package update impossible---------by software update

Hello, i would like to reported a major thing that appeared on 3-4 customers.

The download action is not never possible when they try it from the LMS portal/Common Services/Software update.

The url loaded on browser Internet(eg IE 7.0) add the character | on the link when it proceed after the authentication on the CISCO.COM web site.

The worst is that when i did it from my lab's machine,it works fine even the bad entries. We have traced it with a sniffer.

From an IE directly (outside the LMS so), the page is not displayed as she is not matched with W3C recomendations.

A Doctype tag is not a DTD XHTML 1.0 one.

Hereafter , the URL:||1.6.0||Software%20Packages|||&FORMAT=XML

On the other side, when a proxy is installed on this machine , it has been refused as well, as the proxy controls that.

Thanks by advance.Richard.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS package update impossible---------by software update

While the character is not typically allowed, it should not cause a problem in this case as accepts it. Are you saying that you have a proxy which is not allowing this character?

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