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LMS POTAL problems - CM view problems

Hi all

I am facing an issue with LMS

I installed lms 3.0.1

after finishing the installation, i realized some strange things in the main page

If i open the Functional Page, the Campus manager window does not appear.

If i click on the Campus manager TAB, i used to get many windows that showed different info, and shortcut to different places, but now all i see is 3 windows.

What could i do to check what is wrong with the Central manager ?


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS POTAL problems - CM view problems

You can reregister Campus Manager under Common Services > Server > Homepage Admin > Application Registration. Register from templates, and choose Campus Manager from the list. That will restore the Campus Manager porlet on the Functional View.

As for the Campus Manager tab, if you are missing porlets there, simply click the Add Portlet icon in the top right-hand corner of the portal, and add any missing portlets you want.

New Member

Re: LMS POTAL problems - CM view problems

Hi All

I will try in the coming 2 days the above points concerning the Central Manager.

i have another problem,

1)In the SYSTEM TAB, i have no JOBS in the JOB INFORMATION STATUS, and i didn't where to enable it in the hint given (picture attached)

and in the Critical message window, i have 4 engines stopped, is it normal????

2)and in the RME TAB

I am unable to do Data inventory.

I did a test on 1 device; i removed it from the RME devices, and from the DFM devices list.

discovered it again and the discovery ended successfully.

I then added it back to the the DFM and RME devices lists and did a job INVENTORY COLLECTION for this device only (credentials were also added), and left it for more then 12 hours and the job is still in the running status, what can i do about this issue

Please advise

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS POTAL problems - CM view problems

The DFM screenshot looks fine. You do have some processes down that should not be down. You should start a new thread for that. You should also start a new thread for your inventory collection problem.

New Member

Re: LMS POTAL problems - CM view problems

More pics

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