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LMS User tracking on Layer 3 6509


I recently installed LMS 3.1 but I'm having some issues with the user tracking in it. We are running Layer 3 6509 for access switches and on these switches, I do not see any end points, be it phones or hosts. We 3560 switches in some locations that have to hang of from the 6509 and the user tracking on these work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Anybody have some advice?


Re: LMS User tracking on Layer 3 6509

It sounds like your 6509 isn't being managed by LMS. Can you go to device center and check connectivity for all your configured protocols ?

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Re: LMS User tracking on Layer 3 6509

Thanks for the reply. It's being managed - dfm has alerted me about duplex mismatches, I've viewed it in Cisco View, it shows up in topology manager everything.

The problem turned out to be the @ sign in the community strings - which is weird because it worked on the other switches with the same read string. The debug showed that on the 6509 it timed out on some vlan query while it had the @ sign in. But only on the 6509. Thanks anyway

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