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lms2.5 Dec 2005 update 4 Windows performance issues - slow response

I have LMS2.5 (Dec 2005 update) running on both Solaris 8 and Windows 2000 systems. The version running on Solaris is very quick and for most part the response time to load web pages is very good. The opposite happens with the version running on Windows 2000. On windows, the application is extremely slow, when I click on a link; it takes minutes for the pages to load. The pages do load, but it is painfully sluggish.

I’m running the Windows version on a Dell 2850 dual 3.2 GHz with 4 Gigabytes of Ram and a single SCSI 80 GBytes disk. The OS is windows 2000 with SP4 and all the latest patches.

While the pages are loading, I check the Windows server statistics and it shows that the server is not working hard at all.

I’m not an expert on Apache, but the problem seems to be on this application.

Are there configuration changes to the Apache server for windows 2000 that I’m missing some how???

Thanks for any help.


Re: lms2.5 Dec 2005 update 4 Windows performance issues - slow r

I had a similar issue a while ago and the problems seemed to be Java related. The solution was to ensure DNS was working correctly. The correct entries for the LMS server needed to be configured on the DNS servers, plus name resolution for 'real' internet addresses needed to be working.

I think the Java applets have a reliance on DNS, although I am not 100% sure why? Making sure DNS was working did however fix the slowness problem.



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Re: lms2.5 Dec 2005 update 4 Windows performance issues - slow r

Try checking your Anti-virus software. I run Macafee on my Windows 2003 server and it sometimes makes the pages load very slow. If I disable Macafee virus scan it gets much quicker.

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