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LMS2.6 Inventory 3750 Stack

Is there a way to have CiscoWorks collect the inventory of all the switches in a stack of 3750s? Currently only 1 SN is being collected for the entire stack. If 2.6 can't, will LMS 3.0 be able to?

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS2.6 Inventory 3750 Stack

It depends on how you have added the stack members to DCR. How does this stack and its members appear to CiscoWorks?

New Member

Re: LMS2.6 Inventory 3750 Stack

The stack appears as one object in DCR. 9 switches connected via stackwise. The OID is "3750 Stack"

Maybe I should rephrase this.

If I do a detailed device report for a stack, It will give me the SN of all the other units in the stack under the Chassis information section. If i just run a hardware report, I only get 1 SN. Detailed Device summary Would be way to much information if I want to just get a list of all the SNs of all the devices (Reconcile maintenance with the vendor for exampl). How can I get a report that shows all the Serial numbers of all the devices including all the members of a stack in a stack of 3750s.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS2.6 Inventory 3750 Stack

A custom report should give you what you want. Create a custom inventory report with the ruleset:

Chassis:Chassis Serial Number:equals:All

Then run that report against your 3750, and it should give you the values you want.

The alternative is to add all of the member switches as individual cluster-managed devices. However, when you do this, the you will encounter a bug where inventory will not be collected. THIS will be fixed in LMS 3.0.

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