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LMS2.6 Maker comment not filled in

Hey Guys,

We are setting up a LMS2.6 (latest patches applied) approver list and after creating a job the approver can not see the Maker comment.

Example message:

ceriel is requesting your approval for the following job:

Job Id: 1583

Job Description: 3de test Call 82187

Job Schedule: At 09 Dec 2008, 15:00:00 CET

Server: xxxx.local

Server Time-Zone: Central European Time(GMT +01:00:00)

Maker Comments:

For more job details, click on this URL:

Does anyone have an answer or idea!

Thnx in advance!


Re: LMS2.6 Maker comment not filled in

If you have enabled Approval for Software Management tasks, then in the Job Schedule and Options dialog box, you get these two options:

• Maker Comments-Approval comments for the job approver.

• Maker E-Mail-E-mail ID of the job creator.

Use the Approve or Reject Jobs option to approve or reject a job for which you are an Approver. The job will not run until you or another Approver approves it. If no Approver approves the job by its scheduled run time, or an Approver rejects it, the job is moved to the rejected state and will not run.

For periodic jobs, only one instance of the job needs to be approved. If one instance is approved all other instances are considered approved, and vice-versa.

When a job for which you are an Approver is created, you are notified by email.

For further information click this link.

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Re: LMS2.6 Maker comment not filled in


I know how the procedure works, but when i fill in something as Maker Comments, the approver doesn't see the comment in his MAIL message.

Gr. Ceriel

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